Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Midland National Life Insurance Company Releases XL Heritage Offering

Midland National is pleased to offer customers our latest life insurance product, XL Heritage. To share this product with a wide audience, Midland National created a new YouTube video explaining the value and perks of this program to customers.

Brief, yet informative, this video lets customers know that XL Heritage provides a guaranteed death benefit with just one premium.1 No medical exam or blood work is needed, and the decision process can take as little as 20 minutes on the phone.2 XL Heritage can build cash value based on the upward movement of a stock index, but because the cash value isn’t invested in the stock market itself, customers protect themselves against downside risk. With engaging animation and clear information, our video lets customers know this product is a way for them to maximize the legacy they leave to their loved ones.

1 Although XL Heritage is filed as a Flexible Premium Universal Life and allows additional premiums, the product is designed for a single premium payment. There are limited benefits to adding premiums after policy issue - for example, the Account Value will increase with additional premium payments, but the guaranteed death benefit and the Return of Premium Value will NOT. Therefore, clients should carefully consider whether additional premiums should be paid. Product availability subject to state approval.
2 Coverage is subject to some health and lifestyle questions.