Friday, June 8, 2018

XL-CV Max for Financial Protection and Growth

Stability is a staple of financial protection. Midland National’s recently launched XL-CV Max indexed universal life insurance product offers stability through death benefit protection, with a cash value accumulation feature. The life insurance policy offers the potential for cash value growth linked to the performance of a selected stock market index with a minimum interest rate guarantee. This allows policy holders the opportunity to earn interest based on the upward movement of a stock market index. without direct participation in the stock market.

“We’ve really enhanced our popular XL-CV product to include some new features that considerably increase cash value potential,” said Jerry Blair, Midland National’s vice president and chief distribution officer. “The new XL-CV Max provides death benefit protection with maximized performance and marketability.”

Qualified applicants for XL-CV Max can avoid the lab tests and paramedical exams typically associated with life insurance using Midland National’s other recently released offering – WriteAwaySM. Also included is an updated version of the Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement1.

The release of new and updated offerings underpins Midland National’s ongoing commitment to present and future policy holders. Midland National knows life insurance needs are unique to everyone, so it strives to offer diverse, flexible options for maximized protection. 

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1 – Subject to eligibility requirements. This product is not currently available in California.

Texas Residents:  Receipt of acceleration-of-life-insurance benefits may affect your, your spouse’s or your family's eligibility for public assistance programs such as medical assistance (Medicaid), Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), supplementary social security income (SSI), and drug assistance programs. You are advised to consult with a qualified tax advisor and with social service agencies concerning how receipt of such a payment will affect your, your spouse’s and your family's eligibility for public assistance.

Indexed Universal Life products are not an investment in the “market” or in the applicable index and are subject to all policy fees and charges normally associated with most universal life insurance.
Life insurance policies have terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. Current cost of insurance rates and interest rates are not guaranteed. Therefore, the planned periodic premium may not be sufficient to carry the contract to maturity. Failure to meet premium requirements may result in a lapse in the policy and participation in the Index Accounts. The Index Accounts are subject to caps and participation rates. In no case will the interest credited be less than 0 percent. Please refer to the customized illustration provided by your agent for additional detail. The policy’s death benefit is paid upon the death of the insured. The policy does not continue to accumulate cash value and excess interest after the insured’s death. For costs and complete details, call or write Midland National Life Insurance Company, Administrative Office, One Sammons Plaza, Sioux Falls, SD 57193. Telephone 800-843-3316.
XL-CV Max (policy form series L147) and Accelerated Death Benefit Endorsement for Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness (form series TR207) are issued by Midland National Life Insurance Company, Administrative Office, One Sammons Plaza, Sioux Falls, SD 57193. Products, features, riders, endorsement or issue ages may not be available in all jurisdictions. Restrictions or limitations may apply.